Leather Travel Bags and holdalls

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The Leather Bag Store offers a variety of leather travel bags and holdalls to match all your needs. From smaller sized products for everyday use and commutes to larger sized bags for weekends away and longer, we have a range of travel bags and holdalls to match your specific demands. Our leather travel bags and holdalls are both functional and stylish and being made from high quality leather, are also very robust and durable and ideal for carrying all your personal effects safely and securely. Whether you prefer a more light weight and multi purpose holdall, a more traditional and classical looking leather travel bag or one that exhibits a more modern and contemporary style, we are sure that we have the perfect leather travel bag for you!
So, why choose a travel bag or holdall ?

Our men's and ladies leather travel bags and leather holdalls come in various shapes and sizes, featuring large storage capacities in their main compartments.
The storage capacity of our leather travel bags and holdalls makes them ideal for storing and carrying a variety of items inside. Many of our bags and holdalls also feature exterior pockets and zips for increased storage and protection options, making quick access more convenient for important items such as passports, phones, and keys that need to be close to hand.

Constructed with robust, durable quality leather, our holdalls and travel bags can withstand an array of everyday conditions. It’s natural for bags to suffer some wear and tear as you carry them around and throw them down, but you can rest assured that our leather travel holdalls and bags will stand the test of time and age beautifully.

In addition to it's natural strength, leather has the convenient advantage of rarely going out of style. Our leather travel bags and leather holdalls come in a range of styles from classic to contemporary.